Your company doesn’t need Marketing Attribution

*editors note – if the satire in the post does not hit you in the face instantly please re-read*

Your company probably does not need marketing attribution – you know this because your businesses are already deploying the best distribution of creative and media possible!

Last click shows you what you want to see

Digital analytics has always been using last click, it helps you understand what is going on today and the return on your media costs. You have got a lot more data than the offline marketing teams – you can see what sales come from what channels today. You only want to know what channels are converting. The other channels are not working and we should stop investing in them and save the money!

Most customers convert on their first visit

If you can get your 1% conversion rate to 2% then you’ll double your revenue! Most of your customers will come to your website and will buy straight away. They may view a few pages but they don’t need to research or come back as your landing pages are perfect! If we have already paid for someone to come to the site and they did not convert we can not waste any more money on them coming back and then not converting again!

Brand PPC picks up the conversions, Generic doesn’t work

80% of your PPC conversions come through brand terms, the CPC is super low and the CTR is high! However Generic terms costs more, convert with a terrible conversion rate and the click through rate is terrible. You should invest more into brand terms and not worry about generic keywords if you want revenue!

Retargeting rarely works

If someone does not convert in a single visit then you may have tried retargeting. You know that serving them a sales message when they leave is the best way to bring them back. Previous customers also could bring in more revenue and buy again so you want to retarget them. The issue is that every time you’ve done this it’s not worked. People have not clicked on the advertising and if they have it has converted a lot worse than your direct and brand PPC!

You know Display is all about the volume of impressions

Eyeballs are how we used to monitor web traffic. The literal amount of eyeballs / 2 (as it was not actual eyeballs it was people) that saw the ad is the important thing here. There are two schools of thought in display marketing; Did someone see the ad? Did someone click on the ad? You want to know how many people saw it and if they did then it obviously impacted them. The other people are the awesome lot that clicked on the ad and therefore we want to see those sales!

We know that SEO is about links and not conversions

SEO is about link building, we can then drive higher rankings and then people will more likely click on our results in Google. SEO is about content and therefore comparing a converting channel like PPC and SEO is unfair. Just like display we need to pick a new KPI to monitor performance. Links is the obvious choice!

You love voucher code affiliates and how they drive revenue

Discount codes work – they drive so much volume it’s like you barely have to do any marketing at, all. Yes you do have to give away the majority of the margin but that consumer would not have converted if they did not get cashback… obviously! The other affiliates in your profile are not working, the content affiliates that just write engaging and amazing creative are not driving conversions just a volume of people who do not convert when they arrive! You need to move more commissions to the affiliates that are voucher and discount codes!

Channels have to work in silos as that’s how the team is set up

You have a PPC agency, a separate Display Agency, The social team and then the CRM lot. Each team needs to have their own performance reports as they manage different types of customers. Your job is made harder as their sales total to more than the total sales made but that is why you agreed on the de-dupe project in the first place!

CPA is the be all and end all

You live and die by your CPA. Obviously you need to hit your sales number, which is 15% up on last year. Obviously this year you’ll be able to magic up 15% more people for the same price as last year. There are more people every year using the internet and therefore the market allows this to be the case. Plus we can take market share by changing our creative and messaging. Consumers are fickle beasts and will love our brand more this year than they did on average last year.


You don’t need attribution – that is obvious. You probably just need to put more budget into PPC brand and some more impressions in Display!

*cough* or not..