CUBED Feature Highlight: Single Customer View

We are pleased to announce the release of Single Customer View from beta. Thanks to all that provided feedback to get us to this point. This is the latest release in the Audience3 section of the CUBED platform

v1.0 of Single Customer View (SCV for short) allows our customers to type in a customer id, a visitor id or a transaction id and get back for that customer every single interaction (Sale, Event, Visit, Impression) that CUBED has seen. This combines all datasets, including our custom import functions, into a simple single timeline. All revenues, event values and costs are included.

We also show what device each visit comes from (including all details of that device) and the location. When clicking on a visit or impression you get all the details behind this. This includes all page views, events triggered and conversion details (including revenue for each item in the basket)

We look forward to you using this new feature! Let us know if you have any feedback!