CUBED Feature Release: Contribution Analysis

We have been working on Contribution Analysis for some time now and are very happy to now be releasing it into the live version of CUBED.

The CUBED Contribution Analysis gives the user the ability to show, for any selected date range, your value (sales, revenue) distributed, based on influence, between channels following the machine learning attribution algorithm.

Within the graphical representation of the data the left hand side shows the channels where value is being redistributed from, and on the right, you can see where the value ends up post the redistribution. Direct is often the final touchpoint in a conversion journey- people do their research and then come back to buy Direct once the decision has been made.

Of course, there are exceptions and there are often cases which are different due to the type of client, or seasonality. As an example, it is great to see the relationship between PPC and SEO where they support each other towards conversion. 

We are looking forward to – and very much welcome the feedback from other clients now this has been rolled out. It will be really interesting to see how it is used to adjust strategies now there is the visual representation of contribution.