Attribution for Financial Services

The Future of Smart Financial Services Marketing

The FS industry is awash with data, however, in their marketing teams decisions are knowingly being made using last click data. There is a huge opportunity in FS for brands to understand the value that their media has on driving incremental product sales.

Insurance is a fantastic industry for attribution – we always get excited to work with insurance brands! When someone gets into the lead journey CUBED can link up to your CRM and Call Centre to follow the customer through to sale. This allows the brands working with CUBED to get a single customer view. The real magic happens when aggregated however, as we can see what activity truly made a difference all the way through to a sale and ultimately a conversion.

Aggregators are also the bane to many marketers in FS. CUBED shows you where they really add value and where they “steal” conversions. As with any affiliate, CUBED showcases the incremental value that each visit brings towards both the lead generation and commission value.

In the rest of the banking world, CUBED can support the lead gen and conversion flows – however with the ability to process your branch data and join to digital journeys you can see the performance of all the referral activity. This allows you to follow all conversions even if they transfer from digital to the physical brand visit.

Upselling other products to customers are a key part of incremental revenue – and obviously better customer experience! CUBED can show how the original acquisition of a customer can change the value of the up-sell and how much you should spend to up-sell to different audience types.