Attribution for Ecommerce

Selling products online is not easy, consumers are getting savvier in their buying behaviour.

The Future of Smart Ecommerce

As a brand you need to understand the return on every expenditure and how every activity is driving value in revenue. Consumers will also come back to your brand to purchase multiple times, it’s not just about acquisition but also about retaining those great customers.

CUBED was created to help you understand the true value of your activity. We provide an independent view of ALL your marketing activity to be your Single Platform of Truth (SPOT). We see every visit, impression, sale, page view, email sent and more. This allows for the e-commerce managers to have the confidence to make decisions on where they apply spend and effort to get the best ROI.

Alongside tactical improvements in both cost saving and incremental revenue, there is a bigger strategic shift that working with CUBED gives you. In E-commerce its not just about sale acquisition but it’s about the customer. Using CUBEDs Audience3 , We can show you the audience life-cycle over multiple sales. This allows you to make business decisions based on multi-sale journeys.

The biggest value currently in marketing is the middle of funnel Which is undervalued with every brand that we come across. The confidence to invest in people who don’t look like great bets in ROI within your current analytics allows you to overtake your competitors – and they won’t know how you are doing it!

Customers are not a land grab – it’s about experience and story – it’s not about buying them when they are about to convert it’s about knowing when you feed them the information they want when they want it. CUBED can help you understand how you could use data to inform this new way of working and transform your business into a truly next level organisation.