Attribution for Retail

The Future of Smart Retail Marketing

ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) is one of the buzzwords that flows through the halls of retail businesses the globe over. This is not a consumer issue but a data issue. Consumers are engaging with a brand – there are expectations of consistency for a brand no matter what device or channel they are using. CUBED can link your online data to your store POS datapoint to allow you to start your journey for data clarity.

Combining the e-commerce world with physical retail allows for SKU level insights. When someone views an advert for a specific product on their mobile. They then come to the website on the desktop and view that product. They then research their nearest store and then buy in store at the weekend. At CUBED it is our mission to support you to understand not just that journey but also join the dots between your loyalty programme and key audience segments.

We want to help you answer the question what is £1 of media worth in revenue in both your e-commerce web assets and retail stores. More interesting, and ultimately more actionable, is understanding the impact of a product, category or brand advertising has on consumers no matter where they purchase.

For the more connected brands that allow for pickup from the store or purchase in-store deliver to home, we provide a key data point to help you guide insights in how these activities truly impact the value a brand has on consumer behaviour. This will not just help on customer acquisition but will support a long-term view of how marketing can impact nth purchase and what the long-term ROI of said activity is.