Attribution for Travel

No matter if we are talking about a luxury holiday or a short city break, the travel industry has a known problem, potential customers don't just buy they research!

The Future of Smart Travel Marketing

With the rise of the value of brands such a TripAdvisor and the aggregators, it’s not as simple as getting a brochure into someone’s hands to confirm brand preference. Knowing more about the consumer through data is the new currency. Brands no longer have many differentiating factors when looking to acquire a new customer. Customer experience is key not just post purchase but throughout the buying process.

CUBED sees every single interaction between consumers, customer and your brand. This allows you to see the value of everything you do and how much this changes the propensity for that consumer to engage with you. Creating brand value is about setting a high bar and then driving consistency of experience. Over serving advertising or interruption marketing can be off-putting. When are people ready for their next interaction with you?

One month a user and their partner might want a short break to Nice in 2 weeks time, the following month they are booking their week-long trip for 4 people 6 months in advance. At CUBED we know travel and we can help you dissect the murky world of travel lag value.

Offers are a key selling point to a section of the travel audience. They drive pre-selection preference and also help with stock degradation management. What offers to drive not just revenue but do they change the makeup of your audience.

We often talk about a single customer view, but at CUBED we help you both in the single but also in the aggregation. Understanding where you can drive incremental budget to increase a singular audience revenue is key to success in Travel.